Big North Carolina public land buck


Rutherford County buck green-scored in the 150s

My brother and I had been hunting public land in Rutherford County, NC some throughout the year and also turkey hunted on it. We found some good deer sign so we finally decided to give it a try. We hunted hard and it paid off on Nov. 26, 2022 with this big guy.

The buck came through about 9 a.m. chasing a doe. My brother got him to stop, but a tree was in my brother’s way, and I was lucky enough that I could see it in the open. The deer was around 80 to 100 yards away and I dropped him, but him being a tough deer, he still managed to roll down the hill 60 yards and got up and ran out of sight.

We both knew that it was a stud, so we called for help and waited it out till my cousin Dustin got to us. Hour and half later, I finally got to put my hands on this beast. He was a 6 1/2-year-old 11-pointer. He scored in the 150s. Definitely a dream come true.

–J Tessneer



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