Big 11 Point

I watched the buck all summer from the time he started growing till when he finished growing and had no doubt he was the number one buck I would be after this year.

My oldest son and I came up with the name Deuce for him because the split G2 on his left side which resembled throwing up a peace sign. I hunted a week straight for him and only got pics of him at night all but one time, when he daylighted first thing in the morning on one day the first week of the season.

Between work and extra curricular activities with my kids I was only able to hunt a couple days the following week. That following Saturday I elected to stay at home and spend some time with my kids and allow my wife some time to study for her schooling, when I received some text messages from my Tactacam Reveal that he was in there. I was sick because I told my wife that morning I thought I had developed a little pattern on him but I was going to stay home to help her instead. That’s when I started putting a game plan together.

I told my wife, based on what I had watched the deer do over the past couple weeks, I thought I could pinpoint when he may daylight again. I knew between that following Monday and Wednesday, based on the weather, he should daylight at least once. I went out Monday afternoon and around 6pm I thought I heard deer somewhere over to my left but didn’t see anything. About 8 minutes later I look to my northwest at about 40 yards away and see movement. A few seconds later the deer put his head down and started eating acorns when I realized it was him.

I sat there for what seemed to be forever watching him and a couple other bucks work their way in. I grabbed my new Elite Envision, that I had bought in August, and sat patiently. A few
minutes later he was standing about 14 yards in front of me trailing a spike buck. Deuce stepped behind a small tree and that’s when I drew my bow. He paused for probably 20-30 seconds before he finally took about two more steps and that’s when I let it fly.

That G5 mega meat hit him right in the shoulder. He reared up like a horse and I could see the blood pumping out of him when he took off. I tried to watch him but it was too thick to see; however, it sounded like a truck crashed in the woods after he disappeared. I waited about 45 minutes before getting down. When I got to the base of my tree I heard something to my left, so I looked that way, and there were a couple of deer standing there. I ran them off and when they moved that’s when I saw what I thought was Deuce laying there maybe 40 yards away.

I grabbed my bow and release, knocked another arrow and approached him to see the biggest buck I have harvested laying there maybe 40 yards from my stand. God truly blessed me and I couldn’t be more grateful. The taxidermist, David King of Buckhorn Taxidermy, called me the next day and told me he scored him at 148 7/8”.

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