Big 10-point in full velvet


Danielle Swartz of Wagener South Carolina. Has watched the Deer Grow from Last Season into this coming Season. When she got the First Trail Cam Picture of this season The Buck couldn’t have been anymore stunning!
On Wednesday August 17th Danielle was Hunting from a TriPod. Three Eight Points were eating in the food plot less than 70 yards away. Then, there stepped out the Big 10. As Danielle got a shot on the Deer The Deer was only 40 yards away from her. She took the shot and noticed she shot right underneath him. So, with her knowing she missed him she went back the next afternoon August 18th. A 8 point and the Big 10 point came out at 180 yards. They worked their way to the food plot and Danielle was able to take the shot with her 243 at 55 yards for the Big 10 point. She was so excited and blessed to harvest a beautiful 10 point in full velvet which weighted at 216 pounds. This was Danielle’s Biggest Buck in Velvet.


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