Alamance County rainy day 8

The morning of November the 15th was a slow morning with a light to mid drizzle of rain just seeing one doe by 8am I had previously planned to help a friend on the farm that morning so I was awaiting his text some time passes by and I’m just looking at hunting group post on Facebook chatting with friends when I get a picture message of a buddy that had a shot a good 10 point buck as I admire his fine harvest I catch a glimpse of movement out the corner of my eye this was around 8:25a.m as the rain picked up some it was this beautiful buck following down the same path the doe had been down Not even 30 mins before he was at a quick pace and did not give me very much time to decide what I was gonna do stopped he just as he passed a big oak at 50 yards and let the 270 bark he ran 20 yards or so till he crashed this has by far been a amazing deer season.

–Matthew Litman

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