9-year-old Briar Yelton takes his second buck

I had been getting a decent 8-point on camera and asked my son if he wanted to go see if we could have any luck. I had just taken my largest deer to date just a couple of days prior, and my son was showing more interest in wanting to get out.

We made it into the box stand about an hour and a half before dark. We had a young 4-pointer come out about 30 minutes before last light, and I told Briar to keep an eye on the wood line since that young buck kept watching behind him.

It wasn’t long and the 8-point made his way into the field. Briar got up and got into position with the rifle set up on the tripod and I got the buck to stop around 80 yards. I told him to take the shot, and the buck dropped in his tracks. I believe he’ll be spending more time in the woods in the future.

–A. Yelton

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