6-year-old hunter bags Newberry County 6-point beast

6-point beast weighed 195 pounds

CT Hallman
Age: 6
Date: 10/18/23
County: Newberry SC
Rifle: .243
Deer: 5-1/2 year old 195-pound 6-point

This deer was a roamer. Of the 2500 acres we manage here at the Territories, this buck used most of it. My son, CT Hallman put an end to a 6-week cat and mouse game that had no rhyme or reason.

It was one of those hunts that just happened to work out. Saw him on a small foodplot stand we set up for CT that morning with a doe. Picked CT up from school early and went straight to the woods to try and see if he would show up again that afternoon. When he stepped out, there was no question which deer it was.

Funny enough, my son is still a littler nervous about shooting that .243. He looked at me and said “I don’t know if I want to shoot him,” and I told him, “buddy, we are here to shoot that deer. If you don’t shoot him, I will!” Which he replied, “oh no you won’t!” Lol. About 3 seconds later he was on the gun and put one behind his shoulder. Awesome moment, and I couldn’t be more proud of my son! What an awesome buck for him, and a great cull buck here at the Territories.

–Thomas Hallman


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