Carter’s Opening Day longbeard


Longbeard came at the end of exciting hunt

Opening day of NC Youth Season sure was special this year! Hens flat out won the morning match, but Carter let the 20 gauge bark on a fine Tom midafternoon when we struck up a heated back and forth conversation with a feisty hen. It wasn’t long and here she came with two strutters in tow, but she kept their attention and locked them up for over an hour at 90 to 100 yards.

Finally she had enough of the tug-of-war match as she eased her way by us and the Toms broke off the hen straight to the gun barrel.

You couldn’t wipe the smile off this young man’s face if you wanted to! That makes 3 years in a row taking a nice Longbeard! 🦃

As Carter would say, “It ain’t easy being Bubba!”

Proud of you Son! Always! 👊🏻

–Adam Kluttz

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