2 bucks within 24 hours

Early season I had pictures of a good 8 pointer and a giant 9 pointer that I named Twin Towers (because of his long browtines). Obviously I wanted Twin Towers worse but he was only showing up around midnight. Then he disappeared. Not one single picture of him for almost 3 weeks. I knew he was dead somewhere. I had tons of daylight pictures of the 8 pointer so I decided to just go after him. I thought he’d be a pretty easy deer to kill since he was showing up constantly through the day. Well I was wrong. I put in every single second of spare time I had into hunting this deer. As long as I had a decent wind, I was hunting him. I was burning vacation time, canceling plans, just to get him. No matter how hard I studied him, he was always one step ahead of me. He had me mentally and physically exhausted. If I was in there, he wasn’t. If I wasn’t in there, he was. I’d sit all day long waiting for him to mess up. It never happened. He was a magician, so I named him Houdini. On 12/7 I had a picture of a good 9 pointer at 9:30 and then Houdini came in behind him around 10:30. So that night I looked at my app on my phone and seen the next morning on 12/8 was going to be perfect. So I took some vacation time at work and went to try to get him. I sat there all morning and didn’t see a thing. I was just about to give up on the morning and I looked at the time on my phone and it said 10:30, I sat my phone down and looked up and there he was. I shot him and dropped him where he stood. I got him gutted and hung up and had to go into work. After work I came home to finish him to get him ready for the Taxidermist. That night I was at home and my phone went off. I looked and it was a notification on my cell camera. It was a video of Twin Towers running by my camera chasing a doe. I didn’t expect him to be after a doe, I didn’t even expect him to be alive. But right then I decided I was going to test my luck and go hunting the next morning. I had to go to work at 8am so I only had a little over an hour of hunting light. I didn’t have any hopes but figured I’d try it anyway. Sure enough around 7am I heard something running, I look over and it’s a doe. She takes off running and all I seen was the biggest set of antlers I’d ever seen in person, coming out of the laurel thicket. He took off after her, I couldn’t get him to stop. I finally just hollered “HEY” at him and he stopped perfectly broadside and I smoked him. I shot the two deer less than 24hours apart and within 20 feet of each other. Pictured is Twin towers. It won’t let me post a picture of both deer for some reason.


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