Inshore fishing party catches swimming turkey

Capt. Rob Bennett’s party offered the exhausted gobbler a ride to shore, which the bird happily accepted.

Turkey was released unharmed

Capt. Rob Bennett of Lowcountry Inshore Fishing Charters is a popular guide in the Charleston area. He takes clients fishing for everything from flounder, speckled trout and redfish to blacktip sharks, cobia, and Spanish mackerel. And last week, his party even caught a wild turkey.

When he’s not fishing, Bennett does enjoy hunting, and is known as a skilled turkey caller. As you can imagine, a seasoned angler and turkey hunter sees plenty of crazy things on the water and afield, but this was a new one for Bennett.

After a successful day of fishing, with his party catching a nice mixed bag of inshore fish, Bennett was headed back to the boat ramp. That’s when he said things got interesting.

“It was swimming about 100 yards off Botany. We were running in and all said ‘that’s a turkey!’ We then turned around and it tried to get in the boat. Tracy took the dip net out and dipped him up and we let him out on the beach and he walked off very grateful! I’m now an official saltwater turkey guide!” said Bennett.

Happy to have helped the longbeard to shore, Bennett (843-367-3777) said it was a nice gobbler. He added that the bird was lucky he didn’t have his turkey tags with him on the boat.

“He might have ended up in the cook pot!” Bennett joked.

The gobbler was the strangest catch of the day, but certainly not the only catch. Bennett’s crew caught plenty of fish before finding the swimming bird.

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