Seasoned Pendleton hunter kills potential top-5 South Carolina buck

Woody David Swaney killed this big-racked buck in Anderson County on Dec. 19.

Deer green-scored at close to 180-inches

Woody David Swaney of Pendleton, SC is 53-years-old and has been deer hunting for 46-years, and took his first buck when he was only 7-years-old with a single-barrel shotgun. He was hunting on Dec. 19, 2015, at a spot he had previously killed a nice 8-point buck near highway 24, not too far from Pendleton High School.

Swaney was using an Extinguisher deer call, just like he did when he previously killed the 8-point buck. It was 7:50 a.m. and he had not seen anything, so he used the Extinguisher call to make some doe bleats. After about 3 minutes, a huge buck appeared, bulldozing his way noisily out of a thicket. He stepped into the clear and put his head down. 

Swaney immediately locked onto the deer with his Remington .243 and shot him once. It was a frontal shot between the shoulders and the buck dropped immediately. When he approached, there was definitely no ground shrinkage. 

The big typical buck was a main-frame 10 point, with a split brow tine giving him a total of 11 points. The length of the G1 and G2 tines is what makes this such a remarkable buck. 

Chuck Mulkey is a taxidermist and runs a deer processing business in Anderson. He green-scored the deer at 180. While some shrinkage is normal and expected during the mandatory drying period, this will still be one of the top-ranking deer in the South Carolina Record Book.

Swaney is definitely traveling in noteworthy company with his buck of a lifetime, and Anderson County is becoming noted for high-scoring bucks being added to the SCDNR record book. Danny Dillard has added # 3 and # 11 to the all-time records for typical bucks. His name pops up all throughout the recent all-time records listing that was recently released by SCDNR. Chuck Mulkey and Daniel Cathey also consistently take large, mature whitetail bucks in Anderson county with archery equipment.

William Wyatt, Pickens, SC, still holds the all-time typical lead with a buck scoring 176 points. John W. Wood, Beaufort, SC, holds the all-time record for the top non-typical buck with a score of 208 5/8.

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