6-year-old Easley girl follows dad’s footsteps, kills 9-point buck

Chloe Phillips killed her first buck, this 9-pointer, after learning everything about hunting from her dad, Zach Phillips of Easley, S.C.

She let 15 other deer walk before deciding to shoot this one

Easley, S.C.’s Zach Phillips killed the biggest buck of his life last month. It was a proud moment for him after pursuing the buck for more than a year and taking great care to not pressure the buck unnecessarily.

But Phillips had an even prouder moment when his 6-year-old daughter Chloe killed her very first buck, a 9-pointer in Abbeville County. And it wasn’t a fluke

Stephanie Phillips, Chloe’s mom and Zach’s wife, said Chloe has learned a lot from Zach. A lot more than most 6-year-olds, apparently. While many kids just want to shoot at something when they go hunting, Chloe has learned from her dad that you have to be patient and pass on other deer if you want to kill something truly special.

“She shot the buck with an AR-15 chambered in .223. It was a morning hunt and a 9-point came out about 80 yards away, chasing a doe. Chloe dropped him in his tracks,” said Stephanie Phillips.

While it’s Chloe’s first buck, it’s not her first deer. She has killed a doe before, and after breaking the ice there, she decided to wait on a buck for her second kill. And this wasn’t the first buck she saw.

“She’s let over 15 deer walk this season already. She held out for a big buck. She has learned from the best, her daddy. He has taught her everything she knows!

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