SCDNR reopening 13 state lakes to bank fishing

state lakes
South Carolina is reopening 13 state lakes to bank fishing, but the boat ramps will remain closed.

Boat ramps at these state lakes will remain closed

Thirteen of the small state lakes that are in the SCDNR‘s State Lakes program are reopening to allow bank fishing. The boat ramps and fishing piers associated with these small impoundments will continue to be closed to comply with Governor McMaster’s Executive Order 2020-16 relating to COVID-19.

The 13 small impoundments reopening to allow bank fishing are:

? Draper WMA State Lakes (York County)
? Jonesville Reservoir (Union County)
? Lake Cherokee (Cherokee County)
? Lake Edgar Brown (Barnwell County)
? Lake Edwin Johnson (Spartanburg County)
? Lake George Warren (Hampton County)
? Lake John D. Long (Union County)
? Lake Oliphant (Chester County)
? Lake Paul Wallace (Marlboro County)
? Lake Thicketty (Cherokee County)
? Lancaster Reservoir (Lancaster County)
? Mountain Lakes 1 and 2 (Chester County)
? Sunrise (Lancaster County)

Lake Ashwood (Lee County) and Dargan’s Pond (Darlington County) had previously been closed for restocking or repairs and remain closed. Star Fort Pond in Ninety-Six (Greenwood County) is owned by the National Park Service and will remain closed under National Park authority.

Members of the public accessing the SCDNR’s properties for bank fishing, hunting, hiking or other recreation are reminded of the need to follow the current recommendations on social distancing and to comply with Governor McMaster’s Executive Order 2020-13 dealing with social distancing and limiting group size or any subsequent orders that may be issued.

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