Trash-Talkin’ Toms

April and May are special times for hunters.

Many die-hard bass anglers who relish fishing the spawn have given up that activity for calling keen-eyed Eastern wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) in the red bud-laden, dogwood-infested woods. […]


Changeups for Toms

The standard way for spring turkey hunters to go about luring in gobblers is to issue a variety of hen sounds with any number of calling devices. […]

Featured Story

Early turkey-season proposal rejected

North Carolina Sportsman Magazine has learned a proposal by a Wildlife Resources commissioner to have a special split-season, early-opening date for 2007 spring wild turkey hunting at six counties in his southeastern district has been rejected by the N.C. Legislative Rules Review Committee — before it met.



For North Carolina winter-season turkeys, break up that flock

A trained hunting dog is a marvelous animal to observe.

Hunters and dog owners of specialty breeds — pointers, setters, beagles, Plotts, Redbones, blueticks, Walkers, Chesapeakes, Labradors, Boykins — uniformly talk about the enjoyment of “watching the dogs work” more than the actual harvesting of game. […]