Horns and Hogs

As the Aug. 15 opening of the Lowcountry deer season approaches, it’s not surprising that a lot of hunters go hog wild getting ready for those first few days in the tree stand. […]


Give ’em a Hand

Dennis Hardwick and his brother planned to spend the morning scouting for hogs along the Pee Dee River in Dillon County, then hunt in the afternoon if they found promising sign. […]


Hogging Habitat

When Hurricane Floyd hit the southeastern coastline and veered north along the East coast Sept. 14-18, 1999, it inflicting its greatest damage in eastern North Carolina. […]

Hog Hunting

Casull dishes it, if you can take it

Like a spouse in a dysfunctional relationship, I find myself missing the abuse.

After all, I had developed a really close relationship with the Ruger Super Redhawk over a four-day hunt for European boar and feral hogs at Caney Creek Lodge. […]