Lake Norman blue catfish are great winter targets

There are fishermen at Lake Norman who blame the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission for everything they perceive that’s lacking in the lake.

The stripers and the bass aren’t big enough; there isn’t enough bait; the WRC isn’t doing anything to help. It’s their version of the “Lake Norman Blues.”


Stand Up to North Carolina Bluefin Tuna

I once caught a bluefin tuna in the 200- to 300-pound range, so I’m familiar with near-death experiences.

Six of us brought 11 bluefins to the boat that day. Because I was sixth in rotation, I hoped the skipper would call it a day before No. 12 ate a bait, so I wouldn’t be called out of my corner for a second round. […]


Wilmington is North Carolina striped bass mecca in the winter

Capt. Stuart Caulder’s phone call was direct and to the point.

“Hey, Jerry, the stripers are starting to show up along the waterfront in downtown Wilmington,” he said. “The tide will be right for the next few afternoons.”

Past experiences with Capt. Caulder’s fishing information told me he was making an offer I probably didn’t want to refuse. I quickly replied in the affirmative about his request to fish and asked if he had a day in mind. […]