Nantahala is diverse, productive

The Nantahala River in Macon and Swain counties is widely known as one of the top white-water paddling streams in the Southeast. Indeed, from early spring to late fall, the challenging white-water rapids through the Nantahala Gorge are crowded with kayakers, rafters, and canoers — amateurs as well as a number of Olympic-class paddlers. […]


Nocturnal Nibbles

Gary Knight and his client for the evening had been on a pretty good run.

They started catching stripers during the last two hours of daylight, hooked a few decent channel cats and caught two bass weighing more than 6 pounds. […]


Triple-Play Reds

The only man-made sounds were occasional sloshes as waves washed against the boat hull, created by the turbulence a trolling motor propeller. […]


Forks of the Pigeon

The Pigeon River carries a dirty reputation.

Infamous for its past polluted state, the river name still leaves a bad smell in the noses of many North Carolinians. […]


Bumps in the Night

Sometimes when things go bump in the night it’s a good thing.

Take for instance, a monster of a flathead or blue catfish thwacking a piece of shad or live bream in the pitch dark, or the distinct “tick-tick” sound of a clicker reel announcing the bite of a giant catfish pummeling a bait with its crusher plates. […]


The Bottom of Things

Don’t bother trying to convince Capt. Robert Freeman, owner of the Sunrise II, an offshore bottom-fishing boat based at Atlantic Beach, that groupers and snappers are in trouble. […]


Short ’Cut’ to Doormats

During the 1930s, the construction wizards of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created a shortcut to carry shipped goods between the Cape Fear River and Myrtle Grove Sound, which separates Carolina Beach from the mainland south of Wilmington. […]

Featured Story

Sailfish thick off Carolina coast

What’s up with all the sailfish off the South Carolina coast?

No one knows exactly why they’re there, but this much is certain – excursions to the Gulf Stream have been considerably more enjoyable of late. […]