Crystal Clear Persuasion

There was a raw-edged chill in the air, cutting to the cheekbones as Capt. Jeff Cronk steered his 21-foot Triton center-console out boat to sea through Bogue Inlet. […]

Inshore Fishing

Know there’s a “silent killer?”

The headline on this column could be hyping the latest lure developed by a team of fish-researchers, but the truth is that mercury contamination of fish eaten by unwitting anglers is the real silent killer. […]


Brownie Point Oysters

Well, deer season ended a month ago, and turkey season is still a long ways away.

What few “brownie points” you had after deer season were spent on that duck-hunting trip or the redfish outing.

What’s a sportsman to do? […]


Red Means Slow

The groundhog pops out on Feb. 2, and if he sees his shadow, he goes back in his hole to prepare for six more weeks of winter weather.

But that’s in Pennsylvania. […]