Late is great – North Carolina’s big-water ducks

The last leg of the North Carolina’s duck season is here, promising what is likely the heaviest month of duck activity. Although many birds have already been schooled by barking shotguns, a savvy hunter can still bring them down, and there’s no better place to fill a limit with a variety of ducks than the Pamlico Sound and the southern Outer Banks. […]


Something to crow about

A lot of people ask me, “Why would anybody hunt crows?” I usually answer. “It’s fun.” Hunting crows is a great way to polish your wing-shooting skills for duck or dove season, and it is pure fun.  […]

Bass Fishing

Beat the cold for winter bass in the Carolinas

Anglers in the Carolinas battle a mixture of conditions throughout the year, from freezing winter temperatures to sweltering-hot summer dog days. While most states experience a steady seasonal climate, the Carolinas often experience  the yo-yo effect, where cool and warm days routinely bookmark each other during the winter.  […]