2021’s Deer of the Year

2021 was another big year for Carolina deer hunters

Avery County hammer may vie for state record

Deer hunters across the Carolinas had another big year in 2021. One of those bucks may even set a new record. A 23-point buck killed by Vincent Clark of Newland, N.C. is expected to score well over 200 inches, and may vie for the state record.

Clark killed the buck in Avery County on Dec. 7, and he attributed the harvest to pure chance.

“We knew it would be a ‘hunt a ton and get lucky’ scenario. And it was just that. I set in the blind for the evening and just got lucky that he happened to walk out. I believe he was checking scrape lines,” Clark said.

To get an official score on the deer, Clark must wait until after the 60-day drying period has passed. It’s a tall order to unseat the current state record, a 228 4/8-inch buck killed in 1998 by Don Rockett in Person County. But with 23 points and plenty of mass, Clark’s buck may have a shot at it.

He’s hoping to have the mount of his buck back from the taxidermist in time for the 2022 Dixie Deer Classic, where Clark hopes to have it officially scored.

This deer is sure to create plenty of excitement at the show, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic.

Our readers tell stories

Plenty of other noteworthy deer were also killed in the Carolinas during the 2021 hunting season. Calico bucks, white bucks, antlered does, velvet bucks — all types of deer came into the CarolinaSportsman.com Bag A Buck gallery from across both states.

But it wasn’t just the out-of-ordinary bucks that raised eyebrows. Numerous hunters killed typical and non-typical bucks with unique and/or massive racks. 

And while photos tell much of the story, it’s the words from the hunters themselves that tell those stories like no one else can. Most of our Bag A Buck entrants sent photos and just a few details of their deer. Others weaved tales that made us jealous of their way with words. We’re sharing one of those stories here from 6-year-old Tristan Fulcher. See the rest at CarolinaSportsman.com/bag-a-buck-gallery/.

Six-year-old Tristan Fulcher killed his first deer on Nov. 20 and shared his story in his own words at CarolinaSportsman.com.

The best day ever

by Tristan Fulcher

My name is Tristan Fulcher I’m 6-years-old from Fayetteville, N.C. I killed my first deer with my father Brian Fulcher on Nov. 20, 2021. I sat for many days with my father last year after a huge buck with no luck. But this year my first hunt only sitting in the stand for 20 minutes this monster walks out and starts eating on the corn pile.

We watched him for about 10 minutes before being able to get set up and taking a good shot on this giant 11-point Cumberland County buck. My father was really nervous but I was cool as a cucumber and after I shot him and seen him fall I was extremely excited and looked at my dad and asked him why he was crying and he told me one day son you will understand and know the answer to that question.

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