Deer in the 11th-hour

The temperature hovered around 25 degrees. As the light began to fade, crystals of frost started to form, and my breath rose into the cold morning air as I surveyed the edge of a field for any movement. […]


Cold crappie kickoff

Cool weather and dropping water temperatures are a very good combination for December crappie on South Carolina’s Lake Marion. Anglers with a good game plan find that crappies begin to congregate into tighter areas around deep-water cover and score outstanding catches. […]


Top Carolina winter catfish lakes

Gone are the days when catfish were delegated to warm weather and water for consistent fishing. With the introduction of blue catfish into many lakes and rivers in the Carolinas, the cold-weather catfishing game has changed significantly. […]


Cape Fear’s December mixed bag

As he pushed away from the boat ramp at the Dram Tree Park in Wilmington, N.C., Rennie Clark’s plan for a chilly, slightly cloudy fall day, was first to target stripers in the Northeast Cape Fear River, then head to the Cape Fear River for trout and red drum. […]