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  • Forest management can be beneficial to wildlife
    Timber thinning is beneficial to wildlife and to land managers. Promoting the growth of ground-level forage is one very important benefit.
  • Santee offers a great June menu for anglers
    Fishing action is wild throughout the Santee Cooper lakes in June, with nearly every species on a strong bite.
  • Shrimp scampi recipe hits the spot
    This has been an unusual year so far, and it’s not over. Hopefully, we are far enough along in the COVID-19 pandemic that folks can enjoy fishing and the outdoors with minimal concerns and restrictions.
  • Social-distancing on the Nantahala
    Social-distancing was a natural practice for trout fishers long before the Corvid-19 pandemic. If another fisher gets within seeing distance, it’s considered an intrusion.
  • Texas Eye jig changes your lure presentation
    Over the course of my angling life, I’ve experienced, first-hand, the evolution of tackle within the industry. From NED Rigs and Glide baits to braided line and terminal tackle, with every passing year, something new goes to market that gets us excited about the art of fishing.
  • The ocean beckons to kayak anglers
    Kayak anglers, like old sailors from a 1970s pop song, often yearn for the open ocean. 

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