LiveTarget’s Swimbait Series

LiveTarget, with its industry-leading designs and award-winning artificial lures, has added to its growing family with soft-plastic swimbaits that — even in their earliest stages of design — fool the forage fish they resemble so closely. […]


Put the stroll on late-season squirrels

Hunters across the Carolinas have just a few more days to spend in the woods hunting squirrels. With deer season long gone, fewer hunters are in the woods, and most of the foliage has fallen from all the trees. This makes a tree-bound squirrel easier to spot and to shoot. […]


Warm Sutton Lake provides winter change of pace

Sutton Lake is a winter fishing oasis, an 1,100-acre cooling resevoir for Duke Energy’s L.V. Sutton Power Plant near Wilmington, N.C., Sutton remains warm through the winter, with February water temperatures usually in the 70s or low 80s, which gives a summertime feel to fishing, with fish active in the warm water. […]


Paint spring black

Nothing screams springtime like a 7-foot rod doubling over and line peeling off the reel like mad. As the  weather heats up, so does the fishing. […]