Specks from the planks – Speckled trout are favorite targets for pier fishermen in the Carolinas

Speckled trout are a favorite target for many saltwater fishermen throughout the Carolinas. Fairly adaptable, they can be found from the nearshore ocean through the marshes and rivers to brackish water and sometimes into waters classified as inland. Most fishermen chase them from boats, but there is a dedicated group that catches a lot from the decks of the fishing piers. […]


Islands of speckled trout

The Cape Fear River and its bays and tributaries typically hold speckled trout year-round. Unless there is an early cold snap that chills the water more than usual, the bite stays pretty aggressive into December, and the early forecast is for the weather to remain warm through Christmas. […]


Catch more state-line speckled trout

For much of the year, the coast along the border between North Carolina and South Carolina provides a wide variety of species to target, and November is a great time to be on the water, especially if speckled trout are among your favorites. It’s a sure bet for steady action on every phase of the tide. […]

Inshore Fishing

Paddle your way to more speckled trout with these tips

Since January, we’ve covered strategies, rigging and tactics for targeting different species from a paddle craft. Along the way, we’ve covered saltwater, freshwater and even delved into some hunting. Noticeably absent on this list was a favorite saltwater species along the entire Carolina coast: speckled trout. […]

Inshore Fishing

Making noise is a key for speckled trout lures

Noise — at least the right noise — can attract speckled trout and give your bait or lure a better chance at being eaten. Popping corks are great noisemakers, and they add an extra or sound to live bait or artificial lures equally, as long as they are used as more than just strike indicators. […]