Bass Fishing

The Mag 12 Buzz Worm

That two different professional anglers can fish a new 12-inch worm completely differently — with both catching solid numbers of quality bass — is a testament to the new Mag 12 Buzz Worm from Mister Twister.  […]


Get a grip on bow torque

In layman’s terms, torque is defined as a rotational force or the twisting of an object. While there are some cases where more torque is desirable — such as the output of your vehicle’s engine — the handle of your bow is NOT one of them.  […]

Deer Hunting

Delay doe harvests until December

Every year, hunters look to kill a nice buck to add to their trophy collection and to put a load of fresh venison in the freezer. And every hunter looks to supplement his venison stock and control his local deer herd with a handful of doe harvests as well. […]


Kayak safety for ocean fishing

Part of the fun of tackling big fish from a kayak is fishing with your friends and reliving the experience when telling the story. The first part, fishing with friends, is a key part of safety and the second, reliving the experience when telling the story, means having a safe and successful trip. […]


Handling large fish for release

The fall fishery off Oak Island for kings and red drum is a fishery for large fish, some of which must be released. Many fishermen keep king mackerel to eat, and that is good as they are very weak after being fought to a kayak and their odds of healthy survival are not good. […]


Fall Sleepers: Harris and Secession

When asked to pick a sleeper lake for fall crappie in North Carolina, Ed Duke recommended Shearon Harris, just southeast of Jordan. Duke said the lake is not big by reservoir standards, around 4,000 acres, and it’s not really deep, which makes it easier to fish that other lakes. […]