Bass Fishing

The Mag 12 Buzz Worm

That two different professional anglers can fish a new 12-inch worm completely differently — with both catching solid numbers of quality bass — is a testament to the new Mag 12 Buzz Worm from Mister Twister.  […]


Get a grip on bow torque

In layman’s terms, torque is defined as a rotational force or the twisting of an object. While there are some cases where more torque is desirable — such as the output of your vehicle’s engine — the handle of your bow is NOT one of them.  […]

Deer Hunting

Delay doe harvests until December

Every year, hunters look to kill a nice buck to add to their trophy collection and to put a load of fresh venison in the freezer. And every hunter looks to supplement his venison stock and control his local deer herd with a handful of doe harvests as well. […]


Kayak safety for ocean fishing

Part of the fun of tackling big fish from a kayak is fishing with your friends and reliving the experience when telling the story. The first part, fishing with friends, is a key part of safety and the second, reliving the experience when telling the story, means having a safe and successful trip. […]