Two if by sea – Oak Island’s fantastic fall kayak fishery

The nearshore ocean off North Carolina’s Oak Island has attracted fish and fishermen for decades. It is one of only a few south-facing beaches along the coast of the Carolinas, and the unique westerly flow of water running out the Cape Fear River carries bait down the beach for a ways instead of sweeping it to the north like at most other inlets. […]


Oak Island angler lands big tarpon in surf

Ian Sands of Oak Island went fishing on the afternoon of Aug. 20. The Oak Island resident and his son set up on the beach with a pair of surf fishing outfits hoping to catch a bonnethead or Atlantic sharpnose shark. The were both surprised when they caught a six-foot plus tarpon instead. […]


Pint-size angler lands plus-size king mackerel off Oak Island

The fishing trip on July 19 was supposed to be a simple family outing for 10-year-old Katelyn Turner of Charlotte and her parents Mark and Michelle Turner. The Turners were headed out on the family boat, Jaw Breaker, a 27-foot Contender named after Katelyn’s grandfather who was a dentist, for her to catch her first dolphin. […]