Alligator found in Lake Wylie

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, a dead alligator was found in Lake Wylie near the Hwy. 74 bridge in Belmont, N.C. by two brothers who were fishing from their kayaks on Sunday. […]

Bass Fishing

How to catch Lake Wylie’s winter bass

Lake Wylie has always been considered one of the better cold-weather lakes in the Carolinas for largemouth bass, and February is prime time for big fish to start stirring, plus, there’s the constant action around one of the lake’s warm-water discharges.



Turn cold into hot – Lake Wylie bass will turn onto a jerkbait when the water cools in late fall

Late-fall and winter fishing on Lake Wylie, the Catawba River impoundment that straddles the North Carolina/South Carolina border, is an uncomfortable proposition. Docks and decks are slick with frost. Travel mugs of piping hot coffee quickly turn stone cold. The outboard needs more time to warm up at the dock. The bone-chilling boat rides are downright painful, and the extra clothes needed to make them tolerable make casting difficult. Line guides freeze closed after a few casts. 


Wylie flatheads

Wylie flatheads thrive after dark

Flathead catfish in Lake Wylie are growing in both numbers and size, and in the middle of summer, the best time to fish for these monsters is well after dark for three good reasons, according to guide Rodger Taylor of Rock Hill.