Ben’s nice big blue!


Chas Morton
July 23, 2022
Lake Wylie, SC

I took my nephew Ben Wicker out to catch some catfish for helping me around my shop and boy did it pay off for us both.

Ben had helped me do a little welding around my shop and since he did, I told him I would take him out to try and catch some catfish. Ben loves fishing and so do I which made this agreement an easy one. We actually went out on a Sat evening and that is my least favorite day to because of all the boat traffic. After we caught some bait and waited for a lot of the pleasure boats to leave the lake, we went to the fist spot of the evening. Wouldn’t you know it, the first fish Ben catches is this big blue cat. We ended up catching several over 15lbs and few over 20lbs. Lake Wylie has become one of my favorite lakes to catch big cats on the regular and it didn’t disappoint. It was a good night of fishing and I am sure I will have to take him again, which I will gladly do.

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