Some implements are necessities

Rural properties contain roads, fields, ditches and all kinds of other features that become weathered over time and need attention. And hunters can’t always maintain shooting lanes, food plots, and trails with hand tools. […]

Cajun spice

A delicious dish of Cajun spice

Carolina winters feature some cold days, but mostly, there are only a few at a time, with more moderate and occasionally downright warm days separating them. Still, it’s nice to come inside for lunch or dinner and have a meal that is tasty, filling and warms you to the soles of your feet. […]

Stono River specks

Stono river specks offer plenty of winter action

Many inshore anglers don’t give much thought or effort into catching speckled trout in February, but plenty of specks are still active in the Stono River, south of Charleston, S.C., and except on the most brutal of cold days, they’re willing to bite. […]