Freshwater Fishing

Paddle up a winter slab

The day was projected, according to weather forecasters, to be as beautiful as a winter day could be. Slight winds with a mid-day high in the lower 50s did not seem unbearable. […]

Bass Fishing

Adjust and catch fish

February is an overlooked month in terms of quality fishing at Santee Cooper. Frequently changing weather causes fishing patterns to change quickly, but for anglers who adjust to cold fronts and can fish deep and shallow or adapt from a slow presentation to a fast presentation, February is a great time for quality fish. […]

Inshore Fishing

Chumming can be very effective

For most inshore fishing, anglers locate and then cast to them. Offshore, anglers fish areas where the fish should be and will frequently deploy chum to get the fish focused on the angler’s baits or lures. […]

Inshore Fishing

Look for jumbos closer to ocean

Fishing for black drum over the winter is a staple activity for anglers living along the coast, but many of the big schools of fish are filled with either sub-adults or young adults that will weigh between 2 to 15 pounds. […]

Bass Fishing

Don’t skip skipping docks

Brett Collins of Ridgeway, who runs the Carolina Anglers Team Trail, said that skipping lures back under docks is a good technique throughout the year, but it can be especially beneficial in February. […]