Freshwater Fishing

Cold-weather fishing can pay off

Winter in the mountains is a time of stark beauty, a time when the dominant colors are blue, gray, brown and black, a time when streams run full and clear and icy cold, a time when a warm, sunny day is an event and a blessing for a trout fisher. […]


Ridin’ Up Rabbits

A covey of pickup trucks nestled in the back of a Duplin County farm field, the beds sporting dog boxes empty but for the musty remaining scent of beagles. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Cold Busters

From the depths of December through the cabin fever days of March, many Palmetto State sportsmen decide their plan of choice is to trade time on the water for armchair adventure. […]

Other Hunting

Armchair Quail

As sportsmen, we rightly herald the grand comeback stories associated with South Carolina’s two most popular game species: the whitetail deer and the wild turkey. […]