Deer of the Year

Hampton huntress drops 9-point buck in velvet

Many times, especially early in the season, deer hunters pull the trigger too soon and never even know it. This happens when a decent buck walks into range and looks nervously into the woods, either in the direction where it came from or in another direction. […]


Big buck bonanza – Here’s how to get more out of your local, Carolina whitetail bucks

When most hunters think about truly monster whitetail bucks, midwestern states and Canadian provinces typically come to mind. No doubt, Illinois, Ohio and Saskatchewan consistently produce heavy-hoofed beasts with a chandelier full of antler, but hunters in the Carolinas don’t have to buy a plane ticket and travel across the continent to get a shot at the trophy of a lifetime, either. […]

Deer Hunting

SC deer harvest is off 11 percent

Deer hunters continued to find fewer whitetails in the woods and fields of the Palmetto State last fall, if the recent Deer Harvest Survey released by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources is any indication. The 2016 harvest was off 11 percent from 2015, down to 172,315. […]