Inshore Fishing

Anchor Worms

Infestations by parasites that anglers call “anchor worms” become more prevalent in red drum during the winter. […]

Inshore Fishing

Keep reds in sight

Most anglers agree that the low end of the tide is best for finding schools of winter reds; it’s hard for them to hide on a shallow flat, but once the little creeks start to fill with water and the grass starts to flood, finding reds becomes much more difficult. […]

Deer Hunting

Important late-season combo: corn and trail cameras

Mike Johnson, manager at The Clinton House, is a proponent of planting food plots to attract deer and keep them well-fed throughout the season, but he said the ability of hunters in his neck of the wood to bait with corn for the first time this season has given him another weapon for keeping up with his deer herd. […]