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Rover AeroBOTE

Rover AeroBote

It’s a skiff. It’s a dinghy. It’s a tender. It’s a paddleboard. It’s a BOTE … in a bag. Meet the Rover AeroBOTE, the most-portable paddle skiff on the market. It goes from travel bag to BOTE and back again, easy to store, tags along on any adventure, and stands up to the toughest tests on any waterway — and even baggage claim. So as you’re paddling, fishing or motoring your way across the globe, Rover Aero has got your back.

The AeroBote is 12½ feet long and 401/2 inches wide. The average weight is just 63 pounds, yet it can hold up to 500 pounds, including the rated 6 HP outboard motor.

Included are the Moto Rac, which allows your Aero to go from paddle to power, and Moto Rac receivers, which hold your Moto Rac in place. It also includes an Aerogo electric pump and a hand pump to fully inflate and deflate it. Other amenities include: adjustable paddle, paddle sheath, Rac receivers for mounting additional gear and a sandspear sheath that allows you to utilize BOTE’s Sandspear to anchor your board.

The AeroBOTE’s portability is undeniable. It will fit in a small vehicle with no roof rack, and you can carry it on public transportation. The Rover Aero Bag features wheels that allow you to easily transport your AeroBOTE to places other boards can’t reach.

Constructed from military grade PVC using Drop Stitch technology the Aero is not only virtually indestructible,it’s also rigid as a plank. It can take a beating an still come out on top.

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Yak Attack BlackPak

The YakAttack BlackPak crate system is poised to set a new standard in rod, tackle and gear management on kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. It ships flat and assembles quickly. The clean, tactical appearance demands attention, and the developing line of accessories means there’s always another problem-solving innovation just around the corner.

The BlackPak has stations for up to 10 rod holders, installed vertically or angled. When four or more are used, they can be installed in the “high and dry” position, preventing unwanted seepage from a wet tank well. The top rails are configured to accept all GearTrac or Mighty Mount compatible accessories. The lid is hinged and latched with elastic cord and is designed for easy removal, allowing it to double as a bait board.

It Assembles quickly using common hand tools.

Interlocking joint design creates incredible strength, promising many years of trouble-free service.

Includes three rod holders and has stations for up to 10, each of which can be installed vertically or angled.

Top rails are configured to accept all GearTrac or Mighty Mount compatible accessories.

Length: 12 inches. Width: 16 inches. Height: 11 inches.

MSRP: $129.95 from Austin Kayak at

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