Zenbivy Light Bed eliminates sleeping bag negatives

Versatile sleep system provides convenience and comfort

Sleeping bags — boring pieces of essential equipment that the mere thought of evokes a stifling feeling of confinement and downright discomfort.

Let’s face it — sleeping bags have changed very little throughout their history. Sure, companies have come up with better materials to make them warmer, more waterproof, lighter. But sleeping bags have maintained their overall shape and the negatives that go along with it for centuries.

We don’t zip ourselves into the confines of a sleeping bag at home, so why would we want to when camping? It’s true that space is at a premium when camping, but what if a better sleeping bag — or sleeping system — could pack just as small (if not smaller), be more comfortable, and incorporate all the positives of sleeping at home? Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and the Zenbivy Light Bed is here to prove it.

Who doesn’t like the option of springing their feet free, if only for a moment, during a warmish spell in the night? In a traditional sleeping bag, that takes all sorts of time and energy. And once accomplished, you’re exposing other parts of your body that you’d just as soon keep covered. The toe box of a sleeping bag can get right toasty while other areas remain just right. Unfortunately, in most traditional sleeping bags, you can’t free the feet without compromising some place else.

Zenbivy is zipperless by design

But with the Zenbivy Light Bed, which is entirely zipperless, you can open the footbox as much or as little as you want, without making a single change to any other part of your cover. This bit of magic is possible with a series of hooks, loops, and a drawstring that closes as securely as a zipper, but can be opened quickly when desired.

It’s the same with the rest of it too. Free both legs at once while keeping your torso covered. Or free both sides of the upper part of your body while keeping your legs covered. Time for a bathroom break? Exit from either side, or straight out the top. Want to take just the quilt on its own to catch the sunrise? You’ve got it.

Let’s back up for a moment. The Zenbivy Light Bed is actually not a sleeping bag, but a system made up of a quilt and a sheet. When incorporated together, it works as a bag when you want it to. But you’re not limited in the way you are with traditional sleeping bags.

You can even add a slim mattress and a pillow, providing you all the comforts of your bedroom while camping. The whole system attaches in a way that it all stays together when you want it to, no matter how much you toss and turn during the night. And did we mention that the whole thing is zipperless? This saves weight, plus eliminates the discomfort of touching metal on a cold night. And the hook and loop system, combined with strategically-placed drawstrings, allows you to cinch it all up as tight as you want or as loose as you want.

Do it your way

With the Zenbivy Light Bed, it’s all about what you want. Cinch it up in one spot while opening it up in another. Sleep on your stomach. Sleep on your side. Configure it as a mummy bag, a rectangle, or a combination of the two. Ditch the traditional sleeping bag and do things your way.

The Zenbivy Light Bed is available in three different ratings — one that stays comfortable down to 40 degrees, one that’s rated for 25 degrees, and one with a 10 degree rating. Click here to read more about the Zenbivy Light Bed.


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