NoSweat cap liner

I have a couple of favorite caps I wear fishing, and they have something in common; they are a bit stained where the bill meets the cap, and they all have a lingering, ahem, aroma: sweat.

My next “fishing cap” won’t have those problems. The reason: NoSweat’s cap liners: disposable, moisture-wicking performance liners that stick inside any hat, cap or visor. The patented SweatLock technology is engineered to instantly absorb sweat, keeping the cap’s material dry and odor-free — and free of any of those aforementioned stains.

That is a big help if you wear eyeglasses, as sweat won’t fog them up, and it won’t find a way down your forehead into your eyes to sting.

The liners have a peel-and-stick adhesive that attaches them to the inside of the cap’s crown. No only will the liner absorb sweat, it will wick it away from the head, keeping you drier.

MSRP: $9.99 (pack of three)

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