SCDNR draw hunts are top-drawer

SCDNR personnel roll out the blue ribbon for hunters drawn for special waterfowl hunts on some of their best WMAs.

It won’t do you any good this year, since the drawing has already taken place, but every avid or wannabee waterfowl hunter should apply for one of the SCDNR-sponsored duck hunts on several WMAs. These sponsored hunts are first-class affairs where most of the required equipment is supplied by SCDNR. On most hunts, SCDNR will take you and up to three friends to a john boat loaded with decoys, life preservers and oars and point you toward blinds they have built. You may be in the center of a flooded corn field or other advantageous location. The hunts are almost always good.

The application process must now be completed and paid online at, normally between mid-September and late October. Instructions are easy to follow, and once your application is in the system, future applications go very quickly. If you are not drawn, you receive preference points for the next season. On the average, hunters are drawn every other year, and when you are drawn, odds are you’ll have a memorable hunt.

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