Turn in poachers, receive rewards

You can turn in poachers in several convenient ways in North or South Carolina, and both states offer rewards for turning in violators.

SCDNR, NCWRC offer rewards for turning in poachers

Growing up, we learned that nobody likes a snitch. Even some of our elders told us that nobody likes a tattle-tale. But nobody likes a cheater either, and poaching is cheating. Whether it’s killing wild game out of season, trespassing to hunt or fish, or killing more than the law allows, poaching goes against the nature of being a sportsman.

And plenty of other violations count as poaching according to the NCWRC and the SCDNR. They agree that people who break the fish and game laws are stealing from those of us who follow those same regulations. And fortunately, these state agencies don’t discourage snitching on those who deserve it. In some cases, they even reward us for doing so.

NCWRC, SCDNR both have hotlines for turning in poachers

If you’re in North Carolina and observe a fish or game law violation, do us all a favor and take advantage of the state’s TIP (Turn in Poachers) program in one of four ways. First, you can visit the TIP website and fill out the confidential form identifying what you saw. You can also download the TIP App for your Android (TipSoft) or iPhone (TipSubmit).

Another way is to text your TIP by typing WILDTIP and your message, then texting it to 274637. All identifying information from your phone is removed when you text WILDTIP, so this will be anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.

The fourth way is to call 855-WILDTIP, the NCWRC’s 24-hour poachers hotline.

Tipsters can remain anonymous, unless you want the monetary award

No matter which way you decide to turn in your TIP, you have the option of remaining anonymous, but you must identify yourself if you want to be eligible for a reward, which can range from $100 to $1000, depending on the crime you witnessed.

For reporting violations you observe in South Carolina, three options are available through SCDNR’s Operation Game Thief. First, you can text the information to 847411. You can also fill out the agency’s web form by clicking here. The final way is to download and use the SCDNR Tips App for your Android or iPhone.

Similar to North Carolina’s program, South Carolina tipsters can choose to remain anonymous no matter which way they make their report, but you must reveal your identity if you would like to receive a reward of up to $500.

No matter which state you are in, if you feel threatened or feel the well-being of another person is in danger while observing a fish or game violation, call 911 immediately.

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