Trail cameras take some strange photos

Short-nosed deer? Stray calf? Skinny bear? Weird-looking dog? What do you think this is a photo of?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on a trail camera?

Trail cameras have been a big game-changer ever since they first came on the hunting scene. Nothing before that allowed hunters to monitor what was taking place on their hunting property, without a person actually being present. 

And just like all forms of technology and hunting tools, trail cameras have evolved in a major way. The pixel rates, lighting options, and triggering methods have all done nothing but improve since the first trail cameras hit the woods.

Aside from allowing hunters to monitor their trophy deer and make some highly educated guesses on when the best hunting times are, trail cameras have allowed them to determine the presence of coyotes, wild hogs, bobcats, and other animals that they may have wondered about. 

And every now and then, hunters see something on their trail camera that they just aren’t sure about. Is it a cat? A raccoon? Surely that’s the elusive black panther! Sasquatch! We’ve all had fun trying to determine what some blurry image is that friends have shared with us from trail cameras. 

Kyle Hahn posted his photo of a doe with what appears to be a large growth on her belly. Is the doe pregnant? Is it a poorly-healed injury?

And Jason Hayes posted the other photo, which was taken by one of his trail cameras in Montgomery County. What does everyone think of this photo? A calf? strange breed of dog? Let us know your thoughts, and click here to post your own trail camera photos.

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