Taxidermy 101 with Carolina ALL OUT


Taxidermy helps us relive our outdoor adventures

Taxidermy is an incredible art form that helps sportsmen commemorate their days in the woods or on the water. It allows us to appreciate our harvests daily for the rest of our lives. And it’s much more than pulling the hide or skin of a creature over a mold and calling it a day.

Chris Douglas, host of Carolina ALL OUT spent a day at Montgomery Community College in Troy, N.C. with Andy Speer, head of the college’s taxidermy program and owner of Andy’s Taxidermy. This video gives us all a closer look at what goes into creating fish and game mounts.

Whether you’d like a career in this line of work or would just like a better understanding of what it’s all about, this video is a must watch.

If you’re interested in learning this art form for a career or hobby, click here to check out the diploma and certificate options at Montgomery Community College.


Looking for a taxidermist to mount your harvest? Read these tips on choosing the right one.

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