Carved Pocket Knife

The perfect knife for sportsmen

Every sportsman needs a high-quality knife, and finding a unique one that fits your style makes it even better.

The Carved Pocket Knife is made of premium materials, and each one is truly one-of-a-kind.

Hand crafted in Elkhart, Indiana, these knives are constructed with titanium handles, stainless steel blades, and feature wood and resin inlays in numerous colors and patterns. Each knife is truly a unique work of art.

But these aren’t just made to look pretty. These knives are just as functional as they are beautiful. The locking mechanism keeps the blade solidly in place, ensuring a lifetime of safe usage. And the blade holds its edge, so you’ll never be let down whether it’s time to skin a deer, open a package, or cut an anchor line.

With the perfect blend of ruggedness and elegance, these knives are the perfect size to fit your hand just right, making it easy to handle and control.

The Carved Pocket Knife is the perfect everyday carry knife.

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