Barnett King Rat Havoc Hunter

The Havoc Hunter is a superior slingshot

From the makers of premium crossbows comes a premium slingshot, the Havoc Hunter.

The center-shot, brushed leather pouch gives users a firm, steady grip of ammo while aiming, and the pro-sized molded hand grip with diamond-knurled texture offers a comfortable hold and a solid grip.

The fibre optic sights allow deadly, pinpoint accuracy, and the after-shot vibration dampeners keep every shot smooth and consistent.

The soft foam wrist pad offers comfort and absolute steadiness, so taking aim without discomfort is automatic.

Whether used as a teaching tool or for just plain fun, the Havoc Hunter is the most advanced slingshot available.

It is a joy to plink with, and also highly effective at taking out small game like squirrels and rabbits (where legal) for outdoorsmen who take the time to master the art of shooting this top-notch slingshot.

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