Rabid coyote attacks Georgia hiker

The coyote that attacked a Georgia hiker last month tested positive for rabies.

Hiker has undergone series of rabies vaccinations

As hunters, we all know the downfalls of having coyotes in the Carolinas. It’s a well-accepted fact by the SCDNR, the NCWRC, and hunters and landowners that coyotes have had a negative impact on deer and turkey numbers across both states, as well as the entire southeast.

An attack on a human is rare, but that’s exactly what happened to Nate Edmonds, who was hiking Hitchiti Experimental Forest in Jones County, Georgia after happening across a coyote that didn’t run off like they almost always do when in sight of humans.

Although Edmonds attempted to keep his distance from the canine, it attacked him, first grabbing his boot, then his shin. Edmonds managed to subdue and kill the animal, which tested positive for rabies.

Click here to read the full story by Chad Cain of Georgia Outdoor News.

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