NCWRC adopts new regulations

The NCWRC has charged more than 25 Richmond County hunters with hundreds of violations.

New regulations become effective Aug. 1, 2024

On May 16, NCWRC officials adopted new rules for the 2024-25 seasons, effective Aug. 1, 2024. The new rules were approved at the Commission’s February business meeting and approved by the Rules and Review Commission in the spring.

The new rules include the following:

Wildlife Poacher Reward Program: Include inland fisheries-related crimes for eligibility in the Program.

Deer Hunting: Shifted several blackpowder and gun seasons.

Game Lands: Create the Caswell Small Game Focal Area as a draw permit only area for all quail and woodcock hunting and point-of-sale permit only for rabbit and squirrel hunting outside the normal three days-per-week framework.

Trout Waters Classification: Remove the Wild Trout Water/Natural Bait Waters classification from Public Mountain Trout Waters.

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