NC hunters can apply for 2022 permit hunts

permit hunts

Applications for permit hunts are now available for NC hunters

The NCWRC recently released the list for available permit hunts for the 2022-23 hunting seasons. These hunts are held throughout various regions of the state, in areas that are managed for certain species.

Hunts are offered for dove, deer, bear, waterfowl, tundra swan, turkey, small game and furbearer trapping. These include youth hunts, youth and adult hunts, and disabled sportsman hunts.

Apply here for the hunt(s) you’d like to partake in. Deadlines for applying begin in August.

NCWRC reminds hunters of the following information regarding permit hunts:

1. Unless otherwise specified, hunters may apply for hunts on or after July 1. Each draw hunt item will indicate the deadline for which applications must be submitted. PERMIT HUNT APPLICATIONS AND POINT-OF-SALE PERMITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

2. Permit hunt items are randomly drawn each year. They are not drawn in any specific order.

3. The odds in favor of being selected as a party are no different than those of being selected as an individual. Applying as a party ensures all applicants in the party will be selected or not selected.

4. When drawing hunt items, the system draws Party ID numbers, not individual names. Each party, whether it has one member or five, is assigned one unique Party ID number.

5. Hunters may only apply once per hunt item number.

6. Hunt choices are awarded in order of preference. Where applicable, you should apply for hunt choices in order of preference.

7. Hunters will not be awarded multiple permits for the same day. When applying, you should keep this in mind to avoid potential date conflicts.

8. To join another’s hunt party, you must have the Party ID number that was provided to you by the hunter who started the party.

9. Hunters wishing to join another’s hunt party should not select “Start a New Party” during the application process. They should select “Join an Existing Party” and enter the Party ID number provided to them by the hunt party organizer.

10. Hunters not wishing to join a hunt party should select “Start a New Party” during the application process. Those hunters starting a new party will be given a Party ID number to provide others wishing to join the party hunt.

11. All members of a party hunt must submit their application prior to the application deadline. HUNTERS CANNOT ADD OTHER HUNTERS TO THEIR PARTY AFTER THE APPLICATION DEADLINE OR AFTER THE DRAWING IS COMPLETE.

12. Hunt items categorized as Youth/Adult require both the youth and adult to apply as a party and both must have a permit to hunt. Single party applications for Youth/Adult hunts will be disqualified from the drawing.

13. At the time of application, it is important you confirm your mailing and email address is correct. You will not receive your permit if your mailing address is incorrect and you will not be notified when the drawings are complete if your email address is incorrect.

14. You should always review your purchase receipt or order confirmation carefully and contact the Commission immediately at 888-248- 6834, Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. if there are problems. Changes may not be made after the application deadline has passed.

15. When applying online you can print your order confirmation. Those applying online or by phone will receive an order confirmation via email. Those applying at an agent will be given an order confirmation (receipt). If for some reason you do not receive your order confirmation (receipt) after you have completed your purchase, you should contact the Commission immediately at 888-248-6834.

Apply using one of the following options:


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