Sticking it to Porky Pig

Once a new calendar rolls around, hunting opportunities wane, but some new hunts have been added to stretch your season.

Even though I am a duck hunter, I get a little bummed once New Year’s Day passes.

I like to hunt deer, too, but I prefer it during colder weather. I would much rather be in a tree stand bundled in camouflage that weighs more than a Kleenex. Unfortunately, the cold weather usually arrives about the time the deer season closes.

Duck hunting partly fills the cold-weather urge, but there are times when I’d like to be hunting without wearing chest waders, too. Since deer are out, this means small game.

Quail are about as abundant as Lowcountry snowflakes, so forget them. I don’t own any beagles, so all that’s left are late-season squirrel hunts. That works, but it sure would be nice if there were some other hunting opportunities to stretch the time until spring turkey season opens.

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