Youth huntress kills two deer with one shot

Gracie Outlaw killed these two deer with one shot from a ground blind in Johnston County, N.C. on Dec. 7, 2019.

One shot, two kills

On her first time deer hunting, youth huntress Gracie Outlaw did something that very few hunters will ever do, no matter how many decades they hunt. With one shot, the 10-year-old from Four Oaks, N.C. killed two deer. Both were does, and they dropped in their tracks.

Outlaw shot the two deer with a Mossberg Patriot .243 and a 100-grain Remington Core-Lokt bullet. She was sitting in a ground blind in Johnston County looking out over an open field. From 70 yards away, the pair of animals lined up just right, and offered the youth huntress a perfect shot.

Not only was this her first (and second) deer ever killed, it was the first time she’s ever pulled the trigger while aiming at a deer. So if she were to retire from hunting right now, she would end up with a 200% kill rate.

But we’re betting that retiring from deer hunting is just about the last thing on her mind right now. We’d say she’s just getting started. Congratulations young lady!

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