More info on NC’s CWD-infected deer

CWD-infected deer looked, acted perfectly normal

The NCWRC found the positive test results in March from a deer that was harvested by a hunter in Yadkin County during December 2021.

The sample they tested had been provided by a taxidermist who takes part in a voluntary program with the agency. Once they contacted the hunter who harvested the deer, the hunter provided NCWRC with some valuable information, including photos of the deer.

The hunter stated the deer looked and acted completely normal, and he had no reason to believe the animal was infected with any disease. Testing showed the deer to be about 2.5 years old.

The hunter also provided a sample of the deer’s meat so NCWRC could test it, just to make sure the earlier CWD-positive sample was not a mistake. This sample also tested positive for the disease.

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