It’s time to hunt some antler sheds


Find more antler sheds with these tips

Once deer season ends in the Carolinas, many hunters largely stay out of the woods until late summer when they get stands ready. But some others tromp through the woods hunting antler sheds from bucks on their hunting land. It’s a great way to extend the hunting season and to see what bucks are still out there.

In this video from Wired Outdoors TV, host Kyle Schwabenbauer offers his tips on finding the shed antlers from bucks in your area. He talks about why some hunters try it briefly but give it up too soon to become proficient at it.

2020 was a great deer hunting season for hunters in the Carolinas. But some bucks that were on the hit list didn’t show up when the time was right. Finding their shed antlers now can be just as rewarding.

Put your plan together to find some antler sheds on your hunting land this year. It will keep you in the woods longer and help stave off those post-season blues. And it will also help you be a better overall hunter.

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