It’s official; Tory Pegg’s Guilford County buck is new N.C. record

Tory Pegg
Tory Pegg's Guilford County archery buck from 2019 is officially the new N.C. state record non-typical archery buck.

It’s the new record non-typical archery buck in N.C.

The past 60 days have felt like an eternity for Tory Pegg of Kernersville, N.C. But the suspense is finally over, and Pegg can go to sleep tonight knowing his huge Guilford County buck is the new non-typical archery record for North Carolina.

After the 60-day drying period, Pegg finally received an official score on his buck. On Nov. 11, the three-man team of Joey Thompson, Jay Pope, and David Soots, joined by observer Erik Beard, headed to the Pegg household for a final scoring session. They taped the buck out at to an official score of 197 4/8 inches. Aside from being the new non-typical archery record, it’s one of the biggest bucks of all time killed in the state of North Carolina.

During the drying period, the buck lost one full inch, and it beat the previous record, Brent Mabry’s 176 7/8-inch nontypical from Halifax County from 2006, by well over 20 inches.

Pegg had an extensive log of trail camera footage of the buck, and through that surveillance, he’s estimated that the deer was only 3 1/2-years-old. He has sent a jawbone to Whitetail Labs in Oscoda, MI to get the most accurate determination of the deer’s age. The lab uses a procedure called the cross-sectioning method, performing several laboratory procedures on the two middle incisors from the deer’s lower jaw to expose growth rings.

No matter the age, Pegg’s trophy is one of the greatest bucks killed in North Carolina history. And to this day, Pegg is very grateful and quite humbled by the entire experience.

“I never thought I would kill a deer like that. I still can’t believe it,” he said. “I never thought he was that big when I had him on camera.”

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