How to kill bucks on public land

Kill bucks on public land with these tips

It’s tough to beat having your own plot of land to hunt deer on. But many hunters also find a different level of satisfaction when they successfully kill bucks on public land.

Lands that are available to the public get a bad rap in many circles. Many hunters don’t like the idea of hunting on land that anyone else is allowed to hunt. But the fact is, our state’s public hunting land is a huge resource that we shouldn’t ignore. And opportunities to hunt out-of-state are also available. Plenty of big bucks evade the efforts of casual public land hunters, and the oldest (and biggest) mature public land bucks are rarely in the crosshairs of a rifle.

Once you learn a few tips about hunting public land, your chances of bagging a trophy outweigh any of the negatives associated with hunting these grounds. So whether you want to hunt public land right here at home or in another state, these tips will have you positioned for success.

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